1 million trees

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2022. Know the impact of our mission

We are very grateful for each of your donations and with all those who are involved with our mission to reach the million trees ...!

Do you know what impact that amount has on planet Earth? Here I share some important data to become aware of what 1 million planted trees implies.

1 million trees = 20,000 acres of forest

The number of trees per acre of forest varies quite a bit, depending on the location of the forest, the local climate, the types of trees that grow there, etc. Assuming the average forest worldwide it contains about 50 trees per acre, 1 million trees is the same as planting 20,000 acres of forest. That is an area of ​​more than 15,000 soccer fields!

1 million trees = oxygen for 2 million people

Everyone knows that trees produce oxygen, but did you know that the average adult tree produces enough oxygen for you and a friend to breathe? So 1 million fully grown trees produce enough! oxygen for 2 million people to breathe!

1 million trees = habitat for animals

The trees we plant together provide absolutely vital habitat for animals around the world. Approximately 80% of terrestrial species depend on forests and trees for food, shelter and other needs. One study found that planting a single tree in an open grassland could increase the number of bird species in the area, from basically none to 80. And that's just one tree!

1 million trees = healthy food for communities

We plant a wide variety of trees. Among them are fruit trees. These trees are designed to help farmers escape the poverty caused by monoculture agriculture and provide healthy, nutrient-dense foods to communities in need.

1 million trees = a more stable climate

Trees not only produce the oxygen we need for us to breathe, but they also absorb carbon dioxide. The average adult tree will absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide, which helps stabilize our climate change and reduce the impacts of climate change. 1 million trees will absorb approximately 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. That is equivalent to taking 6,000 cars off the road each year!

1 million trees = a colder planet

We know that trees produce oxygen, feed off carbon pollution, and provide vital habitat for animals, but trees also act as giant air conditioners. As they breathe out dioxide carbon, they also exhale water vapor. This water vapor acts as an air conditioner to help cool the surrounding air.

1 million trees = 1,087 carbon neutral people

Imagine a day in your life: a daily commute to work, the air conditioning running in the summer, an annual flight on vacation, etc. Now imagine your life 1,087 times. That's the amount of carbon dioxide that a million fully grown trees will absorb. That breaks down to about 920 trees per person.

And you can start with us today by making your donation.